Are you broken?

Has God broken you yet? I remember a teacher at a former church talking about that.. he was talking about how scary in some sense it was to want to ask God to break him. I remember thinking about that and also being trepidatious about asking the Lord for the same thing. “Lord, please break me”. Yikes! But… can we get truly closer to God without being broken?

I was just reading last night in Psalm 51. In verse 5 (Ps 51:5), David says that we are born sinners – echoed a number of places (Genesis 8:21, Psalm 58:3, etc.). That’s it. Which means by definition we cannot get to God on our own, since only sinless persons can. We need to accept Christ as the atonement for our sins – something we can’t do unless we believe in Him.

In verse 10 (Ps 51:10), David asks for God to create in him a pure heart.. something only He can do.

Then we get to verse 16 (Ps 51:16), where David is reminded that God does not want sacrifices in the terms of the Levitical sacrifices (burnt offerings) – otherwise David would’ve brought them. No – God wants (Ps 51:17) the sacrifice of a “broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart“.

God wants a broken heart. How else can He make it pure.. make it new to be filled with His desires, not our own evil desires (which are there from birth)?

So… are you broken?