Denali Packing

I just finished packing for Denali trip tomorrow.  My checked suitcase is just barely under 50 lb – I had to take stuff out to get it down to that weight.  I’ve got that plus my carry-on and my computer-backpack (which is a cheat for a 2nd carry-on since my iPad is my “computer”).

I won’t be at church tomorrow (technically today since it’s after midnight).. a friend called me a heathen.  Meh.

See after the break for some pics…

Clothes, tent, sleeping bag, Thermarest, hiking boots, Keens, solar charger/batteries, knife and Leatherman, headlamp, hats, duct-tape, binoculars, GPS, compass, map, cards/dice (for Farkle!), bug screen, gaiters, bear bell, ?? ::


Bearvault, JetBoil Stove and utensils, water filter, food (in the Bearvault), water bottles (1 Nalgene, 2 collapsible), Camelback reservoir,  toiletries, first-aid, Provent (for apnea)::


Pack sitting in suitcase along with hiking poles (emergency whistle attached to pack)::