Denali 2011 – Day 1 – Getting there

Sunday morning 8/21/2011 8:30am – Worcester, MA

I’m either heading to church about now for Sunday school or I’m getting ready to head to service only. Either way – I’m about to be at BBC. 🙂 Not today though – I’m off to David’s house to then head to the airport on the start of this adventure.

I got to his house around 9am, we put all our luggage in his wife’s car and hung out for a bit. David even packed a lunch for when we were going to be in Philly later. We left and got to the airport around 11am for a 12:30pm flight from Boston Logan to Philly. We landed at about 2pm – the shortest flight of the whole trip (well shortest jet flight.. but more on that later).

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Denali Packing

I just finished packing for Denali trip tomorrow.  My checked suitcase is just barely under 50 lb – I had to take stuff out to get it down to that weight.  I’ve got that plus my carry-on and my computer-backpack (which is a cheat for a 2nd carry-on since my iPad is my “computer”).

I won’t be at church tomorrow (technically today since it’s after midnight).. a friend called me a heathen.  Meh.

See after the break for some pics…

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