Good reminder..

I was just reading in Psalm 49 – it talks about not putting faith in your wealth. You can’t “buy” salvation. AND – no one can attain salvation for you (Ps 49:7-8). The whole Psalm is a great reminder of the place wealth should have – it’s a nice blessing – but you can’t take anything with you (Ps 49:17). He who “dies with the most toys”, without understanding, will be like the beasts of the earth (Ps 49:20).

Be still…

… and know that I am God – Ps 46:10 (a)

very powerful verse. Just read that this morning.. don’t know if I ever knew where that verse was before.. now I do πŸ™‚

My study notes say that “know” => “acknowledge” and the Hebrew word used for “be still” means “enough!”… so a little different meaning than I have normally thought. I had always thought of it similar to Elijah’s experience in 1 Kings 19:11-12 .. where Elijah was on a mountain and there was wind, an earthquake, and fire – but God wasn’t in those – He was in the “still small voice” that came after them. But.. hmmm… now that I think.. *He* has the “still small voice”.. and here in the Psalm – the Word says to the reader to “be still” or “Enough!” – “stop it! Acknowledge that I am God!” .. hmm. I guess it’s one and the same.. we have to “stop it” to be able to be still and actively acknowledge that He is God. Interesting things to think about.

My soul pants for Him, lack of signs for a generation

Psalm 42 starts off book 2 of the Psalms. It starts with

As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God.

That’s a pretty cool image, huh?

I was also reading in Mark 8:11-38. The first part of that is about the Pharisees seeking a sign from Heaven from Jesus, to prove who He was / what His authority was / etc. Jesus responds β€œWhy does this generation seek a sign? Assuredly, I say to you, no sign shall be given to this generation.”.

Doesn’t that sound like a discourse that could go on today in the USA? People want proof of things, especially God, yet… would they believe in a miracle if they saw one? I was just chatting about miracles yesterday with a friend’s dad – the context was talking about India I believe. People there and in Africa and elsewhere are used to thinking about a spiritual realm, whereas I don’t think people here are. People here are brought up now seeing so many movies and TV shows with special effects and content about myths debunked and conspiracy cover-ups and a media that sensationalizes many things. There is widespread skepticism about things and how they actually happened. So presenting them with a true miracle I think would be met with incredulity.

Mr Newton

I’ve become Mr Newton. How did that happen? When does “Jonathan” become “Mr Newton”. ….

When Jonathan becomes a teacher! Unless the Lord shows me differently overnight (which would be odd given the plethora of confirmations and leading that He’s done in the last several months of my life) – I will officially be Mr Newton on Monday.. when I become the teacher of a Physics course at Caritas Academy of Arts and Sciences. Hmm… a Newton teaching Physics. Yeah – nothing to see here – move along. πŸ™‚

It’s been an interesting journey getting to this point, but I really think the Lord has been leading me to this. What He intends to do with the learnings I’ll have in the next 9 months or so of teaching.. I don’t know right now – but I think it is for equipping me for something later.

My time over the next 9 months is going to be rather booked, but it’s an exciting thing to think about being a teacher. Shaping young minds, helping them to understand the governing principles of the physical world that God has placed before them. Dat’s kinda coo’

They even said I can wear shorts!

I’m very grateful that my management at Intel is letting me do this.. it’ll be rough at times with all the work I have to do at Intel too (and my contract web design work), but I think it’s in His will and I look forward to seeing how it’s going to be. Intel even donates $10 / hr for every hour I put in relating to the class (since I will be doing it on a volunteer basis) – so it’ll even earn the school a bit of money, which is a blessing.

Now put away your books – it’s time for a pop-quiz! πŸ˜›


maybe if we get done with the book early enough, we can do a rocketry section. that would be so cool…

Off to bed… finally.

Delight yourself in the LORD

Yesterday’s and today’s readings: Ps 36, Ps 37:1-11, Lev 4, Lev 5, Lev 6, Lev 7, Mk 2:13-3:30, Prov 10:1-4

Funny how God likes to reinforce things. In my last post on guarding my heart, the Lord reminded me of Ps 37:4, which I just read this morning. Also – last night as I was leading a Bible study on John 16:16-33, it came up during our discussion time – I mentioned it in regard to what Jesus was saying in Jn 16:23-24 about asking for something in His name. I don’t think you can ask for winning the lottery in Christ’s name – since it’s incongruous with His character. But if we “delight ourselves in the Lord” – again, our desires match His – and in that, we can ask in His name and it will be given.

In all of the Levitical law – there are so MANY sacrificial governances.. I was just reading today about if you sin unintentionally.. you were still guilty and had to make a sacrifice for it when you were made aware of it. I am so glad that system isn’t in place anymore!

Guard your heart

Something the Lord has been speaking to me recently, in context with some (good) things in my life.. Prov 4:23 – “Above all else – guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”.

In our small group – we’re going through the SHAPE series – and we just chatted on Tuesday about chapter 7 – “Removing Roadblocks to a Surrendered Soul”. One of the things Erik Rees talks about in this chapter is that we have to give it ALL to God – our worries, wounds, wrongs, weaknesses, and wishes. I think one of the ones I’ve struggled with the most is giving up a certain strong desire (wish) of my heart. For the longest time – I didn’t want to give up that dream, and so didn’t hand it over – not wanting to ever hear from the Lord that He had chosen me not to have that dream fulfilled. It’s still a struggle – to let Him have control over that dream. In Matthew 7:10-12, Matthew 6:29-31 – Jesus talks about how much God loves us and how He will take care of the things we desire. I’m reminded of Ps 37:4 – first delight yourself in the Lord.. meaning – if you take delight in the things that He takes delight in.. then your heart’s desires will be the same as His, and of course He’ll grant them! The closer I’ve gotten to Him over the years – the more this desire (the one I haven’t wanted to give up in the past) has grown, so I do believe it is pleasing to Him (and it’s part of how He designed all of us).

Anywho – still guarding my heart!

Right and true

Today – read Ps 31, Ps 32, Ps 33, Ps 34, Ps 35

Ps 33:4 – For the word of the LORD is right, and all His work is done in truth.

There’s nothing chaotic or out-of-whack with God’s Word and the truth contained therein. It is right and true – and His handiwork shows order and goodness and thoughtfulness. It’s not “all relative” as our post-modern culture would have us believe. There is absolute truth, and it’s not something confusing or out-of-touch with “reality”.

Ps 33:6

The heavenly hosts made by His breath. That’s pretty powerful – that the universe is commanded into being by a breath..

Ps 34:1

Your praise is always on my lips.. I love this song: All things are possible

Ps 34:18-19

That is such a comfort! He is there in times of trouble – I can vouch for that! But then it says “many are the afflictions”.. not fun to hear – but “the LORD delivers him out of them all” – another comfort.

Ps 35:11-16

Wow – David says these others bore false witness against him, rewarded him evil when he did good.. but when they were sick – he prostrated himself and even fasted and prayed for them… acting as if they were a friend or brother – and mourned as if for his mother. That’s challenging to do.. love your enemies.

Show me your ways, O LORD

Read Ps 25, Ps 26, Ps 27, Ps 28, Ps 29, Ps 30 today

(I list them all out so the automatic links will show all of them)

Ps 25:4-5

Yes, Lord – show me Your ways. Why is it we try to do things our way? Do we really think that we, as created creatures, know better than our Creator what way we should live our life? Someone I knew a while back said this in regard to something the Word said – “we know better now”. Yikes. How can we ever know better than the God that taught us how to know anything in the first place?

Ps 27:4

This is my desire too – to dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life. What does that mean.. “dwell in the house of the LORD”? Not as a slave or servant or one bound in chains – but as God’s welcome guest.. where He allows us to behold His beauty – I think that means here on Earth just as much as it means in Heaven. If we live in His “house” – I think that’s the abundant life Jesus talks about in John 10:10 – where we see God’s hand in this World where things ultimately point to Him. Since all people live on the Earth – His “house” is far more than a domicile. Verse 13 (Ps 17:13) expounds on that – David would’ve lost heart if not for seeing the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

Ps 30:5

His anger is for a moment.. but His favor for life. Great encouragement when we feel He is teaching us something – it’s only momentary.. but His love for us endures forever. I can vouch for that in my own life – some things I went through in the last 8 years (2 big things that I’m thinking of.. plus a myriad of others!) – God was teaching me something that was painful to learn, but He never stopped loving me. Pretty cool.

Been a while..

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written an entry… like.. a month. C’est la vie.

I’m reading the Word right now.. will post some thoughts on it shortly. I’m in the Psalms – trying to catch up on those for a 1 yr Bible Companion that I have – it’s a little different than my NKJV daily Bible. Maybe this one goes through the Psalms and Proverbs 2x instead of 1x like that Bible. In any case – it’s a little easier to track in this software so that’s what I’m doing.

Misc thoughts on blogging..

What should one share in a blog? I think it’s like praying about someone – I think you should pray as if the person can hear you, even if they can’t – gives a different tone to the prayer, especially if you’ve had issues with that person recently. For those times praying for release from a sin that they are unrepentant for someone or for salvation for them, etc. – it’s a little different since you generally wouldn’t be praying for them in front of them. Make sense? Hmm.. Anyway – sharing in a blog… since potentially the whole wide world β„’ can see the blog entry (unless measures are taken to prevent that) – security and privacy are paramount – both for the blogger and any people that they blog about. So in general – I probably will write in code if I’m talking about someone / some private event / etc.

Hmm.. enough musings for now..

On to the Word.